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The following is a summary of the modifications I've made to the modules contained within Darmok, my modular synthesizer. Some of these modifications are my own ideas, while some are from other MOTM users. Contact me if you have any queries regarding these mods.

Klee Sequencer Mods

  1. Cascade Output

JH Variable Slope Filter/Phaser Mods

  1. Change Input Gain for 10Vpp Signals
  2. Add Three Input Mixer
  3. Change Output Driver
  4. Add Reversing Attenuator for FM1 Input
  5. Add LED Driver for LFO Output
  6. Change AUX Input Gain for 10Vpp Signals

JH Interpolating Scanner Mods

  1. Use 5 Volt Regulator
  2. More Gain For Rate CV Input
  3. Normalize Input For 10Vpp Signals
  4. Remove Filter Capacitors
  5. Chorus Switch
  6. Celeste Switch
  7. Lag Switch
  8. Add LFO Output Jack
  9. Add LED Drivers

JH String Filter Mods

  1. Level Control and Patch Point For All 40 Channels
  2. Three Input Mixer
  3. Output Mixer (Blend Control)

Blacet Research Dark Star Chaos Mods

  1. Change LED Brightness
  2. Enable GATE Pushbutton
  3. Add Dave Bradley's DSC Mods

Blacet Research / Wiard Synthesizer Miniwave Mods

  1. Change Wave and Bank CV Gain
  2. Add ROM Expander and CV PROM Selection

Blacet Research Time Machine Mods

  1. Prevent High Frequency Clock From Locking Up
  2. Add Manual Bypass Switch

Synthesis Systems JLH-822 Mods

  1. Resistor Tweaks

Synthesis Technology MOTM-101 Mods

  1. Increase Random Output Level
  2. Use Blue LED For TRIGGER

Synthesis Technology MOTM-110 Mods

  1. Calibrate GAIN and CV MOD Controls

Synthesis Technology MOTM-120 Mods

  1. Increase Output Level
  2. Add DB-120 Daughterboard
  3. Add Deglitching Capacitors to Comparators

Synthesis Technology MOTM-320 Mods

  1. Add DB-320 Daughterboard

Synthesis Technology MOTM-410 Mods

  1. Calibrate Bandpass Filters

Synthesis Technology MOTM-800 Mods

  1. Add DB-800 Daughterboard
  2. Use Violet LED For EG Output

Synthesis Technology MOTM-830 Mods

  1. Increase Gain

Synthesis Technology MOTM-850 Mods

  1. Use Ernie Ball Guitar Pedal

Oakley Sound Systems OMS-410 Mods

  1. Eliminate Unnecessary Components
  2. Add Blinky Light to LFO1 Output

Oakley Sound Systems OMS-902 (Multimix) Mods

  1. Change Gain Structure
  2. Normalize Inputs and Outputs
  3. Add +5V Bias Circuit

Encore Electronics Frequency Shifter Mods

  1. Use Blue and Yellow LEDs for Sine and Cosine

Encore Electronics Universal Event Generator (UEG) Mods

  1. Debounce Manual Gate Pushbutton

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Last updated: March 26, 2011