Squalor & Pee

Cover art by Roszay (www.RoseKapp.com) from a photo of Mike and Scott at the Bon Accord Community Hall

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Last updated: November 28, 2017

An Explanation

This is a live recording of Joey Did & The Necrophiliacs at Bon Accord Community Hall on August 8, 1980. Mike wanted to organize a hall party where Joey Did and The Diefenbakers would both perform. Unfortunately, the only venue he could afford was in Bon Accord, twenty miles north of Edmonton. Very few people bothered to make the drive out there to see two new "up and coming" bands on a Friday night. Not including the band members and Bob Drysdale (who supplied the P.A. system), there were probably only about a dozen people in the audience.

I brought along a tape deck to archive the event. I placed a microphone on stage to capture the drums and guitars. I took a feed off the P.A. system to record the vocal track. Anthony Fulmes was in charge of the recording when Joey Did played. You can hear me prompting him to check the tape several times.

This recording makes a very painful listen; we were AWFUL. Mike sounds like he has a vocal range of one semitone. Ed does his usual trick of speeding up every song until it becomes so fast that we can barely play it. Lucky for Dennis and I, the bass and guitar are largely inaudible so you can't hear just how badly we played. I had terrible problems with my guitar going out of tune. There were several on stage tune ups that were edited out of the final tape. Also, the vocal track is marred by static and buzzing caused by a broken microphone cable that wasn't able to withstand Mike's relentless leaping about. Dennis' background vocals are good, though.

The players on this disc were:

  • Mike McDonald: lead vocals
  • Ed Dobek: drums
  • Dennis Lenarduzzi: bass, vocals
  • Scott Juskiw: guitar


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