Darmok November 17, 2001

These are Darmok's baby pictures, taken when the four cabinets were first completed. Awww, kootchie kootchie koo.

darmok_20011117_top_1s.jpg darmok_20011117_top_2s.jpg darmok_20011117_top_3s.jpg
Top Cab Side Top Cab Back Top Cab Power
darmok_20011117_bottom_1s.jpg darmok_20011117_bottom_2s.jpg darmok_20011117_bottom_3s.jpg
Bottom Cab Side Bottom Cab Back Bottom Cab Power
darmok_20011117_all_1s.jpg darmok_20011117_all_2s.jpg
Hungry For Modules First Feeding

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