Darmok Droolings Volume 1


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Last updated: January 24, 2003


Darmok is the name of my MOTM based modular synthesizer. Each track on this CD is a live recording of a patch created entirely on Darmok using only the modules contained within its cabinetry. Each patch is self running and requires no user interference. There are no external sequencers, no MIDI controllers, and no multi-tracking was used. I refer to these self running patches as "droolings". If you've ever had a dog, you'll understand where the term comes from.

The patch creation process is very simple. I begin with an idea for a sound and patch Darmok in an effort to recreate that sound. When I get to a point where I've created something that is interesting to me, I sit back and listen for a while. If the sound can hold my interest for ten minutes I stop patching and make a recording of it. I usually add some digital reverb to the final mix and sometimes an echo if I believe it is appropriate. After recording the patch, I annotate how it was created and then remove all patch cords so I can repeat the process beginning with a blank slate.

Darmok's module complement varied throughout this project. I began with zero modules at the outset and ended with the following:

6MOTM-300Voltage-Controlled OscillatorSynthesis Technology
4MOTM-800ADSR Envelope GeneratorSynthesis Technology
2MOTM-420Voltage-Controlled FilterSynthesis Technology
2MOTM-410Triple Resonant FilterSynthesis Technology
4MOTM-320Voltage-Controlled LFOSynthesis Technology
2MOTM-110Ring Mod & VCASynthesis Technology
2MOTM-101Noise Generator/S&HSynthesis Technology
2MOTM-120Sub-Octave MultiplexerSynthesis Technology
2MOTM-700Dual Voltage-Controlled RouterSynthesis Technology
2MOTM-820Voltage-Controlled Lag ProcessorSynthesis Technology
4MOTM-910Cascaded Multiple PanelSynthesis Technology
4MOTM-900Power SupplySynthesis Technology
2JLH-822Interval SwitchLarry Hendry
2OMS-820Companion Module for MOTM-820Oakley Sound Systems
2MW2090Mini WaveBlacet Research
2TM2050Time MachineBlacet Research
2DSC2000Dark Star ChaosBlacet Research
2UEGUniversal Event GeneratorEncore Electronics

30 Tracks on CD-R
63:40 Total Playing Time
Recorded November 2001 to March 2002
Released April 27, 2002

P & C 2002
The Tellun Corporation

Sound Samples

  • Track 10 - Swamp land by night, exoskeletons and all.
  • Track 12 - Amplitude modulating six notes in a chord.
  • Track 14 - The other half of the swamp land chorus.
  • Track 20 - I just don't get jazz music, it all sounds like this to me.
  • Track 22 - Get your filthy paws off my synth you damn dirty ape!
  • Track 26 - This is what it sounds like outside my house when the graders are scraping the snow off the streets.
  • Track 28 - With a bit of drums this could be classic Krautrock.
  • Track 29 - A couple of gargoyles in the belfry.

Unsolicited Accolades

My first impression: "spacey swooshes on a tiny equine race track, the air filled with glitter dust, the tiny horses being cheered from the stands by a bunch of Jabba the Huts addicted to Pepto Bismol".

-DRN, Calgary

Just played the CD all the way through (while soldering some MOTM-940s). The only word I can think of is *stunning*.

-PS, Fort Worth

Your CD is great. You must have taken so much care to get the sounds that you have. My favourite, along with the snow clearer, is the notes of a chord that fade in and out. I could listen to that one for hours.

-TA, Penrith