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Last updated: October 14, 2017

An Explanation

This disc contains three radio interviews with the Malibu Kens. Despite not being present at two of the interviews, I was not the original recorder of any of these; they were recorded by other people and I simply made a copy of them. The quality of the recordings was quite terrible. I did what I could to clean up the sound as best as possible and I made the final mixes to mono since there was no stereo separation at all on any of them. Wherever possible I removed any playback of Malibu Kens' songs from the interviews because the sound quality was always extremely poor suffering from bad distortion or pitched up a semi-tone (which made Mike sound like he was on helium). If you want to hear the songs, listen to the Malibu Kens demo tapes (Girls Dig Me, Your Face My Ass, Mock Chicken) that I have converted to CD; the quality is much better.

The first interview was recorded at CKST in St. Albert and was broadcast live so we had to be careful about what we said. Mike almost mentions the Rock 'n' Roll Bitches by name but wisely holds back. This interview was done around the end of July or the beginning of August 1981, shortly after we recorded Girls Dig Me (our first demo tape). We had brought a copy of Girls Dig Me to the interview (on cassette) but the DJ was not able to play any of it on the air because all music had to be approved beforehand. Just as well, Girls Dig Me was not our best effort.

The second interview was recorded at CJSR, the University of Alberta radio station, around the end of October or the beginning of November 1981, shortly after we recorded Your Face My Ass (our second demo tape). This is my favourite of the three interviews because Mike, Jim and Ed are quite amusing and obviously having a good time. You Walked Out from Your Face My Ass was played at the end of the interview but the sound was very badly distorted so I removed it (it was unlistenable).

The third interview was made for CKUA and featured a selection of songs from our third demo tape, Mock Chicken. Judging by the songs used in the interview, it would have been made around March or April 1983 when the first batch of songs from Mock Chicken was released. Reference is made to the ill-fated West Watch compilation album (which was never released) and the lost recording of Physical Poison that we made at Mo Marshall's studio several months prior to this interview. I never had a copy of Physical Poison from that session and I had long ago excised it from my copy of this interview. Hence why it is the "lost" recording.

CJSR were always supportive of local bands and would play their music in regular rotation if a decent recording was brought into their studio. Even after the Malibu Kens broke up I would continue to take songs from Mock Chicken over to CJSR just to hear them get played on the radio. I took in a new song once a month for all of 1983. On a couple of occasions I managed to get a recording of You Know I See Her Every Day off CJSR with the DJ's comments. The disc concludes with Jim reading a review of the Malibu Kens' entries from the It Came From Inner Space compilation album of 1983.

The Malibu Kens were:

  • Mike McDonald: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Scott Juskiw: guitars, keyboards, background vocals
  • Jim Algie: bass guitar
  • Ed Dobek: drums, percussion


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