Malibu Kens Photos

Photos by Roszay

Much of the history of the Edmonton alternative music scene from the early 1980s would be long forgotten had it not been for the work of Roszay ( Present at every gig and taking pictures of every band, she single-handedly documented that period through her camera lens and through her White Pages newsletter. No band from that era can reconstruct their history without resorting to Roszay for help. Suffice it to say, if Roszay didn't write about it or take a picture of it, then it never happened.

Joey Did's Second Gig: The Smoke-In at Borden Park (June 7, 1980)

198006_BordenPark_01_MSDE 198006_BordenPark_02_E 198006_BordenPark_03_SE 198006_BordenPark_04_DMS

Bon Accord, Ed's Basement, Dennis' Basement (1980)

198008_BonAccord_MS 198008_EdBasement_M 198009_DennisBasement_SM

Unknown Hall Party (1980)

198010_Unknown_D 198010_Unknown_M 198010_Unknown_MD 198010_Unknown_DEMS

SUB Theatre (April 1981)

198104_SUBTheatre_01_E 198104_SUBTheatre_02_MD 198104_SUBTheatre_03_M

Spartan's Men's Club (Sept 1981)

198109_Spartans_01_J 198109_Spartans_02_J 198109_Spartans_03_S 198109_Spartans_04_E

Dinwoodie (1982)

198210_Dinwoodie_01_E 198210_Dinwoodie_02_J 198210_Dinwoodie_03_MJ 198210_Dinwoodie_04_MS 198210_Dinwoodie_05_S

Dinwoodie (1983)

198301_Dinwoodie_01_JM 198301_Dinwoodie_02_M 198301_Dinwoodie_03_S 198301_Dinwoodie_04_J

Photos by Eric Baumgartner

Eric was a friend of ours in high school who shared a similar interest in punk rock and new wave music. He also had a camera and he knew how to use it. Eric took the publicity photos for the Malibu Kens' Be My Barbie single as well as a number of photos of the group at various gigs, both on stage and off stage.

01_DennisBackstage 02_EdDennisBackstage 03_MikeBackstage 04_DennisMike 05_Legislature

Photos by Kim Upright

Kim Upright was one of the few people who actively supported us during our career. From our first meeting (after opening for The Modern Minds and The Modernettes at Riverdale Hall) Kim always had helpful and constructive advice for the group. He assisted us in the studio for the creation of the Be My Barbie single and secured a number of gigs for us over our career. So instrumental was he in our early development that we asked him to manage the group, which he did until our demise in 1983. Kim also had a camera and he took a number of publicity and live photos of the group. Below are a couple of surviving photos: a group of monkeys in a tree, and Mike crooning at RATT.

01_Monkeys 02_MikeRATT

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